Saturday, June 25, 2005

Autism - Call for integrated therapy

Call for integrated therapy to treat autism
Newindpress, India - Jun 23, 2005 CHENNAI: Autism, a developmental disability resulting from a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, needs an integrated therapy - of

What the government and scientists say about vaccines and autism (subscription), VA - 17 hours ago Evidence is inadequate to accept or reject thimerosal as a cause of autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or speech delays.

School Helps Students With Autism
Baltimore Jewish Times, MD - 14 hours ago class at the Hineni school here might have been small, but it still represented a milestone for the institution, which serves Jewish children with autism.


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Hi. In the absence of a trackback, here's an excerpt of my post, which mentions your blog:

With articles by the New York Times, CNN, and RF Kennedy Jr. [1], people keep asking whether autism is triggered by vaccines with mercury-based thimerosal. Here's a partial reading of the debate from a Jewish standpoint.
Read more about the autism debate here.

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